Killers and Thieves needs a programmer!

Killers and Thieves has come along far enough that I’m ready to start looking for help.

I’ve been developing the game in an (as yet) unannounced 2D engine which is made for non-programmers, not unlike Gamemaker, but a lot more robust. However, there are only so many hours in the day. I’m looking for one part-time programmer to help get things rolling.

The position includes:

  • Paid work!
  • Flexible hours!
  • Work from anywhere!
  • Full credit as lead programmer!
  • A game that will definitely ship!

Application deadline has passed! Thank you to everyone who applied!

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Killers and Thieves needs a programmer!

Design over time

Killers and Thieves started life after we shipped The Banner Saga in January, 2014. To cleanse our palate between huge projects, I was thinking of simple game ideas that could re-use the tech that had already been built in our proprietary engine. At the time I was thumbing through Mike Mignola’s “Fafhrd and Grey Mouser” comics, and binge-watching Pawn Stars. I came up with a concept I called “Fence”.

It was very simple to start out, you played the fence in a thieves’ guild. Members would bring you stolen goods and you had to evaluate it and give it a price. If you evaluated everything correctly, you’d make the best return. There was a bit of a “Papers, Please” sleekness to it.


Understandably, the other guys at Stoic preferred to move directly onto the sequel for The Banner Saga. I knew “Fence” wasn’t going to be a deep enough game to justify a lot of dev time, but I was really into the concept. I expanded the idea into “what if you ran an entire thieves guild?”.

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Design over time