Killers and Thieves needs a programmer!

Killers and Thieves has come along far enough that I’m ready to start looking for help.

I’ve been developing the game in an (as yet) unannounced 2D engine which is made for non-programmers, not unlike Gamemaker, but a lot more robust. However, there are only so many hours in the day. I’m looking for one part-time programmer to help get things rolling.

The position includes:

  • Paid work!
  • Flexible hours!
  • Work from anywhere!
  • Full credit as lead programmer!
  • A game that will definitely ship!

Application deadline has passed! Thank you to everyone who applied!

More about the game

Killers and Thieves is built on modular systems. The major parts of gameplay include:
-Procedurally generated city blocks, constructed from rooms of different sizes.
-Guards and other AI units moving through these environments.
-An overhead map that tracks the state of different areas on the map.
-Persistent characters with simple stats and abilities.
-Various UI functionality

I’ll be handling all the art, animation, writing, sound, music, promotional and business aspects. I need somebody who can focus on integration, give good feedback and has an interest in design.

Who am I?

My name’s Alex Thomas, creative director on The Banner Saga, which launched last year on Steam. I’ve also worked in the games industry for over a decade at big and small companies including Ubisoft, BioWare, Wolfpack and KingsIsle. I wrote some stuff for Dreamworks, and some junk that was popular on the internet for a minute, like The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing.

Do I need experience?

Yes and no. You’ll need to understand Python/LUA or similar programming languages, have a passion for learning new things, and a mind for code logic. Interested applicants will be sent a simple programming test applicable to the game.

I’m not necessarily looking for people with long work histories. I’d like to find someone enthusiastic about working in games, and that could be a recent graduate or a programmer with no prior game dev experience. Killers and Thieves is forgoing a lot of the really tricky stuff- there’s no multiplayer, no porting (for now), no 3D, no console experience, and no need to build an engine.

On that note, we have full support for the engine. Any tools, bugs or changes needed (within reason) will be handled quickly.

Bonus points if you have any personal projects, mods or previous work to show, and/or live in the Austin area.

Time frame and pay

A lot of the content and design has already been completed, so work can start immediately. I’m estimating roughly three to five months of support, but game dev can be unpredictable, and depends on how many hours you can commit per week. We’ll track schedules based on tasks instead of hours and come up with a plan that works for both parties. If you have to be done by a certain date, let me know beforehand and we’ll factor it in.

Pay is also negotiable depending on your experience and work ethic. When I get in touch we can hash this out. I insist on paying a fair wage whether you want it or not- no “I’ll do it for free!” offers, please.

Games almost always ship with unforeseeable issues that are only exposed by lots of people playing your game. Bonus pay and consideration if you’re willing to be on paid standby after launch, to continue supporting the game. In fact, I’ll be throwing in a bonus check dependent on the first month sales of the game.


-You have to be 18 or older.
-You have to supply your own work. No sub-contrators or teams. If you’re working for another company, please get permission before applying (for example, if you’re an EA employee they legally own anything you do in your spare time).
-This is a contract position, not full time work. You have to be able to legally endorse a contract.
-Must have a bank account that can accept money payments from the US.
-Must be easy to work with. If you’re unable to take direction or adapt to changes, please do not apply. We’re making games because it’s allegedly fun!

How to apply!

The deadline has passed! My apologize if you were interested, unfortunately I won’t be able to accept any more applications.

Thank you!


Killers and Thieves needs a programmer!

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